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Business Law

Business Law reflects the dynamics of commercial life - buying, selling, commercial mortgages; changing partners; new businesses; contracting for services... I am part of this commercial life and know how to help you.

Not-for-Profit Organizations

Not-for-profit societies have a surprisingly significant role in our daily lives. Issues that arise are complex and passionately debated. I understand the debate and can help you resolve these issues.

Regulated Careers

Many careers are regulated by member based organizations that require a license or membership to permit one to work. The examples are numerous and varied. If your organization is causing difficulties with your career, I am able to assist.

Sigalet & Co

Business, non profit, professional self regulation, probate, estate and incapacity planning, and wills law.

Creative and relevant legal solutions for individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses, not for profit organizations, and persons with careers in self regulating professions.


Estates & Incapacity Planning

Probate, estate and incapacity planning, and wills law? I will provide you with competent legal advice in a relaxed manner that is engaged and attentive to age, gender and ethnicity.